CONCERNS have been raised over the state of a blue bin in a park.

According to Worcester City Council, the blue bin in King George V playing fields in Brickfields Road, is the responsibility of the Worcester Community Trust, according to Worcester City Council.

A spokeswoman for Worcester City Council, said: “These blue bins were installed about 10 years ago when a major investment was made in the KGV community centre.

“It has always been Worcester Community Trust’s responsibility to empty them.

“Worcester City Council has contact them and has offered to remove the bin in question, if they are unable for any reason to empty and maintain it.”

Allan Rushton, 51, from Worcester visits the King George V playing field in Brickfields Road every day,walking his dog.

Mr Rushton said: “The bin has been in that state for months and I don’t understand why.

“Other bins in the park seem to be in a good state and regularly emptied, so why isn’t this one?”

“There’s no liner inside so when people do put their rubbish in the bin, it just falls out, other people don’t bother and just throw their rubbish on the floor near it.

“I’m worried about the environmental issue - I’ve seen kids and parents go by and with full dog mess bags on the floor and food which could attract rats, so it’s not good.”

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Tom Collins, Worcester City councillor, said: “I share residents’ concern over the bin.

"It seems to have been vandalised and now dog mess is exposed.

“We can’t let children be exposed to this kind of situation.

"The top priority is of course to to get it cleared up and made safe as soon as possible.

“While the bin belongs to and is overseen by Worcester Community Trust, I am in touch with Worcester City Council officers to try get the situation remedied as quickly as possible.

“I understand that they treating this as a priority.

“It’s frustrating that our park has been damaged like this.

"Such a small and pointless act can cause so much disruption to our shared spaces.

A spokeswoman for the Worcester Community Trust, said: "We are in communication with our colleagues at Worcester City Council regarding the bin in question.

"The bin will be emptied asap."