REPORTER Grace Walton visited the pupils at eco school Oldbury Park Primary, in Oldbury Road, for this week’s feature. The pupils were a keen bunch. It was refreshing to see youngsters enjoy school and so passionate about the planet.

STAFF and pupils at Oldbury Park Primary were preparing for their assessment which will take place tomorrow to determine if the school will retain its Green Flag status, first awarded with in 2011.

The school collects evidence throughout the years to show off all the meaningful tasks that it has achieved.


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Steph Moule said: “We think of echo all the time. We link it to anything and everything. The children have learnt lots on how they can be more aware and responsible for the planet.”

Miss Moule added: “We do have our key values. I am really proud of how the children have taken responsibility themselves for promoting good living and being a good citizen. I think they’ve done a good job this year of encouraging everyone else to be just as good. I am proud of how hard they have been working this year.”

The children were telling me about all the different activities that they’ve taken part in.

These included learning about deforestation and debates on whether trees should be chopped down in rainforests.

I spoke to the pupils about what being part of an eco school means to them.

Tilly Waller, aged 10, said: “We feel important being an eco school and what we have done.

“We are very proud of ourselves and our responsibility. We love being an eco school because we have opportunities to be healthier. It helps us have a better lifestyle.”

Martha Holding, seven, said: “We want to help save the planet.

“We like having a green flag and hopefully we can keep it.”

Eight-year-old Luke Daniel said: “If every school did this it would have a massive impact.”

The children and teachers took part in the ‘switch it off fortnight’ programme where everyone made sure they spent less energy by turning off projectors, laptops and used less lights around the building.

The children monitored and inspected the classrooms and then delivered an assembly to encourage everyone to do their bit to help the environment.

The jumpers are made from recycled plastics and Year 6’s ties are made from two recycled bottles.

The children take part in the ‘one K a day’ where they run or walk around the playground’s track to keep up their healthy living.

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