COUNCILLOR Chris Mitchell wants Worcester City to end the "running sore" over Perdiswell by submitting a proposal for the land.

Conservative and Green Party representatives have been subjected to a barrage of criticism from activists supporting a stadium at the council-owned site which City's supporters' trust has planning permission for.

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A year ago Cllr Mitchell, chair of the planning committee that initially refused permission, said City would get "a fair hearing" despite him being "reluctant over the loss of green space in the Perdiswell area" but insists the authority has received nothing to consider.

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In September, trust chairman Dave Wood said there remained "no will to bring it back to Perdiswell" with Worcester's Labour Party then issuing a statement urging them to put forward plans to pressure council objectors.

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Director Rich Widdowson responded by stating the trust would "submit a full request" and that the business plan would be finalised "in the next week or so" at the start of this month.

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“I am deputy leader of the group and would probably have had sight of it if it had come," said Cllr Mitchell.

“We are awaiting a proposal from Worcester City Football Club that we can review. We need to understand what they want to do and how they intend to lease or procure it.

“We have had nothing as far as I am aware – I am clever but I am not a mind reader, I don’t know what the proposal is so how can I make a decision?

“Should an offer be acceptable to us we also have to make sure they are sustainable going forward so we don’t end up with a half-built stadium and a club that has run out of money.

“I would like to close this out one way or another, it is a running sore.

“There is so much emotion as opposed to fact it is ridiculous. They need to give us a plan that 35 members can look at and say yes or no.

"They are trying to make this a political issue but it is not, the planning is done and now this is a business issue.

“Is this an organisation that we would be willing to invest in? That is what they are effectively asking us to do, for the potential benefit of the club.

“What is the benefit for the community? I don’t know about that. This is green space, if we give that up what do the community get out of it? How many other kids are going to be able to play on that football pitch?

“There is a benefit for the fans, a community benefit admittedly, but I don’t know any (more beyond) that because they haven’t presented it to me.

“My honest opinion is that the business approach to this from the football club has, in my view, been poor."

Wood confirmed a formal proposal had yet to be submitted.

"It is a work in progress, like any other business plan," he said.

"The funding stream potential varies and before it gets submitted it needs to be ratified by the board of the trust which hasn't happened yet.

"We have regular meetings and it will be on the agenda to be reviewed."