LABOUR'S parliamentary candidate for the city says events in Westminster at the weekend were MPs simply doing their job, and they need more time.

Lynn Denham has also criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson for trying to push through Brexit legislation in just a few days.

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On Saturday MPs backed a motion from Sir Oliver Letwin that held approval of the Prime Minister's Brexit deal until legislation to implement it is in place.

Last night MPs were due to vote on the PM's Withdrawal Agreement Bill and if they back it, they were then set to be asked to approve a three day timetable to consider the legislation.

Mrs Denham said: "It is a parliamentary democracy, MPs are just trying to do their job.

"Saturday didn't go the way as some people hoped or anticipated. The Prime Minister is now trying to push this through, and get it signed off. But this legislation is going to have a profound effect. MPs shouldn't be rushed, there needs to be adequate time."

The amendment passing also proved a major stumbling block as the Prime Minister was forced to write a letter to the EU asking for an extension to the current October 31 deadline.

Mrs Denham said: "It is not ideal to have extensions.

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"But MPs need more time to scrutinise the bill, and need an extension for that. It is all about the detail. For instance look at the clip of the Brexit Secretary on export between Northern Ireland and Britain - if he is confused (on the deal) what hope is their for the rest of us.

"Any deal should also be going back to a public vote, for them to have the final say."

At the weekend, city MP Robin Walker said he was frustrated by the latest delays, adding had a meaningful vote on the deal been held it would have been successful.