A MUM felt ‘terrified’ after her ex appeared at the window of her flat and followed her into a Worcester bar, getting ‘in her face’ and ‘loitering’ around outside.

Father-of-three Jonathan Woodhouse was convicted of two charges of breaching a non-molestation order after a trial at Worcester Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old had denied attending his ex-partner’s home in Diglis Dock Road on September 12 this year.

He accepted he saw her in Retroids Arcade Bar in New Street two days later but claimed he had not immediately realised his ex, Sophie Probert, was inside.

The couple were in a relationship for 14 years before it broke down, the court heard, and a non-molestation order was granted in May this year.

On September 12 at around 7pm Woodhouse arrived at her groundfloor flat in Diglis, appearing at the large bay window of his ex’s living room.

Miss Probert gave evidence via videolink and said: “I was just minding my own business, stood in the living room when all of a sudden I saw Mr Woodhouse at the big window.”

Miss Probert described him as being close to the window, telling her through the glass: “It’s about the kids.”

She said she told him to ‘go away’. Miss Probert also heard a knock at the door but did not answer. “I was too scared” she said, calling the police.

Two days later on September 14 she was at Retroids with friend Jason Chadwick at around 9.45pm when she heard Woodhouse call her name.

“He was right next to me. He then proceeded to say to me ‘my mum has been trying to contact you’. I said I don’t want to speak to his mum and I don’t want to talk to him and I told him to go away multiple times” she said.

He left after around 10 minutes said Miss Probert who added: “He was hanging around on the opposite side of the road in the alcove of the Vape shop.”

When asked by prosecutor Mark Johnson how this made her feel she answered ‘terrified’ and ‘really scared’.

“It made me feel like someone was trying to control my life” she said.

Miss Probert said she felt like she ‘could not go anywhere without being followed’. Woodhouse was arrested at 10.30pm that evening in Tolladine Road after police were called.

Her friend Jason Chadwick gave evidence in court, describing Miss Probert as ‘petrified’. He added: “He approached her really rapidly, got in her face and said ‘I want to talk to you’.”

He estimated Woodhouse was around an inch from Miss Probert and also described the defendant ‘loitering around’ by the Vape shop.

Woodhouse also gave evidence, denying he had been at her home address at all on that evening and claiming he had no prior knowledge his ex was in Retroids, telling magistrates: “It’s not hugely her scene.”

He denied getting in her face and told magistrates: “I didn’t see any sense of fear, only shock that I was there.”

Woodhouse, of Holly Mount Road, Worcester, also claimed he had been ‘saving up’ to go to Retroids and it was a ‘coincidence’ he was there.

He hoped going to the bar would help him ‘build confidence and meet new friends’ as he suffered from anxiety and depression.

However, magistrates rejected his version, said they found the prosecution witnesses ‘credible’ and convicted him of both offences.

The offences place Woodhouse in breach of a suspended sentence (18 months suspended for 24 months) at the crown court. He will therefore face another hearing at Worcester Crown Court on November 15.

Woodhouse was remanded in custody.