SANTA has paid an early visit to children and the young at heart.

After travelling on a 2,150-mile sleigh ride from Lapland, he looked remarkably refreshed from he landed in Worcester just before 11am yesterday.

He was accompanied by a team of elves some pulling him along as the reindeer took a much-needed rest.

Delighted children took it in turns to sit next to him, while his entourage entertained the large crowd, picking adults for a a dance.

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Ethan Jarvis, aged six, was with his mum, Lisa Greene and he was asked what he wanted for Christmas.

Ethan said: “Stickle Bricks, Minecraft and cars.”

Zackery Oliver, 3, from Worcester, helped by mum Kerri, said: “Scooter - I’ve been a good boy.”

Kerri Oliver, 39, said: “I’m after a necklace and a nice bottle of gin.”

Norman Richins, 82, from Worcester, said: “I want a nice, semi summer to warm me up.”

Mandy Harding, 53, from Malvern, said: “ I want a new Ipad - the one I’m using to display my music scores when I play my saxophone gave up yesterday.

“”I also wish for the community to come together more just as they’ve done here with Santa.”

Our reporter asked Santa what he would get for Christmas.

Santa said: “I’m not sure about journalists, but you seem alright to me.

“I’ve heard you’ve been good so I’ll get you what you want [a new guitar].

Santa added: “I’m having a wonderful day in Worcester bringing a smile to children’s faces before I head back on my travels.”

British people traditionally leave sherry and mince pies when he visits their homes on Christmas Eve, when he responds to the millions of letters he receives from children all around the world.

Santa was born 270AD, which makes him 1,749 years old but shows no signs of slowing down.