A NOTICE has been placed on an overgrown shrubbery which is urging residents to report the brambles to be cut down.

Worcester resident, Kelvin Lye, discovered a sign attached to the shrubbery in Marl Bank which is calling for residents to report the overgrowth to the Worcestershire County Council.

Mr Lye said he is concerned about the shrubbery, which is located by the flats where Edward Elgar formerly lived.

Mr Lye, aged 65, said: “I felt a scratch at the side of my head. I had to duck as one was about to catch my eye. When I looked round, I noticed there was overgrown brambles overhanging the footpath from where Elgar used to live.”

He added: "It could be a real issue. Someone who is not used to walking down that area could scratch their pupil which could cause serious damage.

"It’s a sign of the times. They will not take action until something happens. But they should take action beforehand to stop it from happening in the first place. I have even been tempted to go down there myself and cut it down."

Mr Lye added: “Obviously another resident is fed up thus the sign. I thought it was a novel way to get some support.”


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A spokesman from the county council said: "We are aware of this overgrowth and have written to the landowner accordingly. We will follow this up again, but would advise that Worcestershire County Council has a strict process to follow."

The site is part of the ground where Edward Elgar spent his final years.

His home was demolished in 1969 and made into a block of flats called Elgar Court.