A BRAVE local mum has chosen to share her frightening ordeal with a perpetrator of domestic abuse with the Worcester News. She hopes she can reach other women in abusive relationships and empower them to leave their abusers as she did.

The mother of two who wishes to remain anonymous said: "I was nineteen when I met my ex partner, we lived on the same street, we started talking and fell into a relationship quite quickly."

"I had a daughter from a previous relationship and when I refused to go out drinking with him he would call me boring. I didn't question his behaviour back then, it's only now I am away from the relationship that I can see all the red flags.

"He had a terrible drinking problem and was very controlling. He would take the keys to my flat so that if we both went out separately I would be locked out of my own home until he returned.

"I fell pregnant with my youngest daughter and hoped his behaviour would change.

"But he continued drinking and would be violent when he came home. He once smashed a mirror over my head, even though I was carrying his child, he didn't seem to care.

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"In 2017 I finally left for good. Our daughter was just seven months old, it was a Friday night, he was in the pub as usual, I rang him when I was doing the night feed just after midnight and asked him if he was going to come home. When he finally did, he was so drunk he stood at the end of my bed and peed all over it. It was disgusting I told him to go into the bathroom and he flew into a rage.

"He called me every name under the sun and pushed me into the bath, I hit my head on the tiles. He started punching holes in the walls and smashing the kitchen up, my kids got woken up and were crying and screaming. The police took him away that night and gave him a domestic abuse order.

"Social services and the police came over the next day and removed me and the children from the property as it wasn't deemed safe for us to stay there. I was so close to losing my children. It was then i realised I could never go back. My children are my world and he almost got them taken off me."

"It wasn't easy to leave, I was homeless and had to stay with family members for a long time before I was able to get back on my feet.

"I look back now and it doesn't feel like it was ever my life. Three years on my daughter's are doing brilliantly, I have my own home and a loving caring partner. I feel wonderful, leaving was the best thing I have ever done.

"If anyone reading needs help the Dawn project in Worcester have been amazing. I couldn't have done it without my support worker Jo, she is always there for me even now."

Worcester Community Trust's DAWN Project is a free service for women who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse. Call 07713 200699 or visit www.worcestercommunitytrust.org.uk/wct-in-action/dawn