A COUPLE has made a difference to their village by cleaning up a graffitied sign.

Rosina Davies,39, moved to Kempsey in September along with her husband Paul,37, and their four children.

Worcester News reported at the beginning of January on vandals having defaced the main highway sign with yellow spray paint.

Mrs Davies said: “We are practicing Christians who attend Hope Church in Worcester and is says in the Bible about loving your neighbour, so we wanted to get involved and make where we live a better place for our community.

“When I first heard about the graffiti on a Facebook group thread, I was worried it could create community division as people were arguing over the issue.

“I wanted to nip it in the bud and sort it out.”

It took the couple around one hour to clean the sign and they used household products to give it a good scrub, lit by the headlights from their family car and being careful not to cause any damage as they gently restored the sign to its former glory.

Graffiti was spotted in the village Facebook group in the days after the defacing of the sign in the Rocky.

This is an area around the Hatfield Brook, off Kempsey’s Church Street, popular with teenagers.

Anti-social behaviour has been reported at this location by the Worcester News in the past.

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Some residents believed drug dealers were using the location for anonymous drug delivery drops.

At the beginning of 2018, vandals spray painting the windows of Kempsey surgery, which led to the Kempsey & Alfrick safer neighbourhood policing team stepping up patrols.

In 2008,walls, telephone boxes and even the parish hall in Kempsey were daubed with blue spray paint all bearing the same tag of WR5/8.

District councillor for Croome D’Abitot, Kempsey and Severn Stoke, David Harrison said on the latest vandal wave: “ I don’t like it when this happens but it’s a fact of life.

“As a parish, we’ve had problems with graffiti in the past a couple of years.

“These sorts of problems come in cycles.

“I hope this is not the cycle coming around again.”

He added that a professional team of cleaners have charged around £100 for each call out to clean up graffiti mess.