AN environment manager called Worcestershire weather 'crazy' as record flooding gives way to drought in just three months and he saves fish from dry river beds.

Last month was 'the sunniest calendar month on record in the UK' according to the Met Office and Severn Trent has reported a 'huge increase in demand for water', a stark contrast to the floods only a few months ago.

Dave Throup, Environment Agency manager for Herefordshire and Worcestershire, said: "It's hard to believe that three months after the highest levels recorded (higher than 2007); and severe flooding on the upper Teme, parts of the river are now dry. We were rescuing stranded fish yesterday.

Crazy days."

Sharing photos of Worcester in flood and dry river beds, he said: "In February the River Severn catchment received three times average rainfall. In May it received a tenth.

New normal? Who knows."

A Severn spokesman said: "The hot weather and us all being at home more is causing a huge increase in demand for water.

"Our key workers are constantly producing more water, but we're asking you to help save water too - raising money for local charities when you do."

Severn Trent contradicted 'social media rumours' that they would be switching off any supplies in Staffordshire.

A spokesman added: "Some areas may see low pressure or brief no supplies due to high demand on its network but it’ll pass."

The principal reason for the dry and sunny weather last month was the extended period of high pressure centred over the UK.

Showers are expected to arrive this morning and temperatures will be cooler as we head into the weekend.