A DRIVER has been caught driving at over 130mph on the M5 as police continue their crackdown on lockdown drivers while a white van driver was speeding on a defective axle.

Speed enforcement on the M5 captured one driver travelling at a speed of 132mph on the motorway between junctions 7 (Worcester South) and 8 (Strensham) today.

Officers from the Operations Patrol Unit in Worcestershire, part of West Mercia Police, have dealt with 13 drivers for speeding in total this morning.

Officers also stopped an uninsured driver speeding at 87mph with a defective axle on the M5 today.

A spokesman for the Operations Patrol Unit said: "A dangerous defect was discovered with its rear axle and the driver uninsured."

The vehicle was seized.

The previous day officers also stopped more speeding drivers, some speeding at over 100mph.