A WOMAN says she’s “frustrated” after her new fence panels were stolen from her driveway in Worcester.

Six new fence panels were stolen from Claire Bradnock’s drive on June 17, just two days after she bought them. There were 12 panels stacked up, however, six were stolen and three were left broken in half.

Mrs Bradnock, ifm The Grove, off Cornmeadow Lane, said: “They were amazingly brazen, and they got away with it.

“We were in our house but in the back room working and home schooling so didn’t see or hear anything. I feel frustrated that no one stopped them.

“I’m upset as we work hard to pay for things to better ourselves and make our house nice, and to improve things for the kids.”

Mrs Bradnock added: “I didn’t see them but my neighbour opposite took photos of them but didn’t want to tackle them. He saw them take the panels but didn’t get a photo of them actually taking them annoyingly.

“A builder at the end of our road also saw the men carry them to the van but didn’t speak to them.

“I have had so much local support from residents, which is amazing. It shows the community spirit. Mostly, apart from the stealing of course.

“I imagine that the building industry is struggling with demand. We got the panels from Bradfords and the delivery driver said this.”

She was told by eyewitnesses that two men stolen the panels at around 10.08am.

The following day, there was almost another theft in the area. Alys Vines, of Ombersley Road, said two panels were pulled off his fence, however, a neighbour intervened by shouting at the thief.

Mr Vines said: “Apparently they are just highly sought-after items as fencing companies are unable to keep up with the demand, so individuals are selling them at higher prices privately and are obviously just going around and pinching them to sell on.”

A police spokesman said: “We can confirm a number of fence panels have been stolen in the Ombersley Road area.

"The investigation is developing at this time and there are a number of ongoing enquires. If anyone has any information in regards to this please contact West Mercia Police on 101 and quote reference number 621s of the 17 June 2020."


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