A DANGEROUS driver with a history of self-harm reached speeds of 135mph on the motorway.

However, Jason Topping should not be sentenced until his mental health problems are taken into account, a Worcester judge has ruled.

Topping appeared at Worcester Crown Court on Tuesday after being convicted of dangerous driving, possession of a bladed article and having no insurance.

Topping, 27, of Wynols Close, Broadwell, Coleford committed the offences on June 16 this year on the M42 and M40.

Richard Hull, defending, said his client had issues which merited further investigation before he was sentenced, asking for the judge to adjourn until a pre-sentence report could be prepared by the probation service.

“I have spoken to Mr Topping this morning – he has a number of mental health issues” said Mr Hull, telling the judge they included ‘episodes of significant self-harm’.

“He has shown some significant scarring to his face which in my submission may go to the issues” he said.

John Brotherton, prosecuting, said the custody threshold had been passed and the incident occurred the motorway where he reached 135mph at one point.

Judge Nicolas Cole said: “I’m persuaded it’s appropriate to adjourn, with some reluctance, for a pre-sentence report in order that the court has all the available information before determining an appropriate sentence.”

Topping has never before received a custodial sentence, the court was told. The case was adjourned until August 19 for an all options pre-sentence report. The judge made it clear to the defendant that all options remain open, including the possibility of an immediate custodial sentence.

“I’m not making any promises as to how the court will deal with you,” the judge told him. An interim driving disqualification has been imposed. Topping was granted unconditional bail.