A ‘DANGEROUS’ driver left 300 feet tyre tracks on a residential Worcester street as he accelerated to double the speed limit.

One neighbour heard screeching tyres and feared the dark-coloured VW Golf would end up crashing into their garden as the driver was filmed accelerating in Swinton Lane, St John’s, Worcester on Monday. Residents say this behaviour is becoming a common occurrence as drivers use the road as a racetrack and there have been a number of accidents. Nick Elt, who captured the incident on video, said the Golf accelerated from a standstill at 8.43am, leaving behind tyre marks stretching over 296 feet (90 metres).

Mr Elt said: “Apart from committing various driving offences he must surely qualify to be in the Guinness Book of Records? Alternatively he may well be the subject of a news story one day.

“On a serious note, the residents in the lane are absolutely at their wits end with the amount of cars travelling at incredibly high speeds on a regular basis.

“I have a speed gun and I would estimate that 70 per cent of cars are over the 30 mph limit. All very dangerous.”

He estimates that the driver of the Golf must have been travelling at over 60 mph.

“The residents are very concerned and any assistance to solve the speeding problem would be appreciated,” he said.

Mr Elt confirmed he had reported these incidents to West Mercia Police and to Worcester MP Robin Walker.

He added: “I have lived in Swinton Lane on and off for over 60 years. The lane, which was once known as Cut Throat Lane, was unmade until the late 1960s and speeding was not an issue. From approximately 2000 onwards traffic levels increased dramatically.

“Cars are much larger and more powerful and speeds along the lane are now at very high levels. The dangers of speed are exacerbated as the lane is very narrow with a footpath on only one side. There would be no escape in the event of a car losing control.

“A neighbour who was in his front garden heard a loud commotion and feared that the car could leave the road and end up in his garden.

“West Mercia Police have been provided with details of the car and images. They have said that they understand the residents’ concerns. They have been extremely helpful and have said that they will be monitoring speeds in the lane closely in future to include the use of speed guns."

He said speed monitoring equipment was installed around two years ago and a car was recorded travelling at a rapid 66.9 mph in a 30 mph limit. He added: "However no action was taken to curb speeds.

“The vast majority of residents are hugely concerned and have independently contacted either Worcester council or the police to report the ever increasing speeding problem.

“The council have advised that they will not erect speed limit signs as it is a built up area with street lights which drivers should know is automatically a 30mph limit. However most drivers don’t seem to be aware.

“It is my understanding from email exchanges with residents along the lane that speed humps are not the preferred way to control speed. Introducing a 20mph limit along with speed monitoring may solve the problem.

“There have been a number of car accidents over the last few years. Something must be done urgently to avoid what residents consider to be the inevitable serious injury or worse.”

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police Road Safety Team said:

"Speed data was collected in 2018 but it fell below the threshold criteria for enforcement. It has been referred to local policing for their ongoing monitoring."