WORK to improve the roads in a Worcester suburb are continuing, resulting in overnight closures.

Roadworks to improve St John’s are carrying on this week with work being carried out on the Bull Ring roundabout and the area around Lloyds Bank.

Tuesday, September 15 saw the removal of the old road surface around the roundabout and the road was resurfaced afterwards.

On the same night, the A44 was fully closed from 9pm in the vicinity of the bank, eventually re-opening at 6am on Wednesday, September 16.

Overnight closures are set to continue for the rest of the week and updates are being shared on the highways department’s social media pages.

According to Worcestershire County Council’s website, the scheme is part of work to relieve congestion across Worcester.

The work in St John’s includes a formal controlled crossing at the junction of the Bull Ring and the traffic lights at New Road and Tybridge Street.

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The closures and traffic delays have been a source of controversy throughout, with councillors making urgent pleas for the work to be either abandoned or delayed.

In July, an open letter was sent to Worcestershire County Council by St John’s councillor Richard Udall calling on cabinet member for highways Cllr Alan Amos to work with the community rather than against it.

The letter said: “County Hall does not know best. No consultation has taken place with St John’s traders or residents, this is a scheme being imposed upon St John’s against our will.”

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In response, Cllr Amos said the council had consulted residents and traders and the “once-in-a-lifetime” scheme would improve St John’s.

Other similar schemes in the city include the removal and replacement of Sabrina Bridge, which will take place in November, and the ongoing works in Pump Street, which has been resurfaced and improved throughout the summer.