A COUNCILLOR is calling for overnight roadworks to stop after residents were left “in tears” by the disruption.

City councillor Richard Udall has written to Worcestershire Highways to ask for all-night roadworks to be halted in St John’s.

Overnight resurfacing works from 9.30pm to 6am have been taking place as part of the scheme to improve St John’s, with work being carried out on the Bull Ring roundabout and the area around Lloyds Bank.

Cllr Udall, who represents St John’s ward, said: “The noise is so horrific it can be heard from over a mile away.

“People from Dines Green have complained to me about the noise. People living above the shops have been in tears to me saying they’ve not been able to sleep all week due to the level of the noise.

“They’re close to the end of their tether, and we need to give them a break from it.”

Cllr Udall is proposing for a cut off-point, where the works will stop at midnight. This will enable some work but not throughout the whole night, he said.

He added: “There’s no easy way to do these kinds of works so there will have to be some pain before any gain. All night working is not appropriate in a residential area. I believe there is an opportunity there to compromise.

"I think people are expected to have some disruption and noise but throughout the night is a bit too much for them. They’ve had a week of it, and they can’t stand it anymore.

“It’s been a year of hell. The area was cut off completely for the first couple of weeks at the start of the year because of the floods, then it was closed down by Covid and now these roadworks.

“It’s piling up now and they need some relief. It’s a domino effect now.”

Cllr Udall added: “People are totally fed up with sleepless nights. It is damaging to health.”

A spokesman for the Worcestershire County Council, said the noise would not be as bad going forward.

“The necessary works in St John’s had been scheduled for night completion to reduce the disruption to local businesses. We highlighted the work to local residents on the 7th September. The noisiest element of the works have already been completed and the remaining works are not anticipated to be as loud.”

The county council roadworks scheme in St John's is part of work to relieve congestion across Worcester.


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