A BOXING coach who has already denied grievous bodily harm is back in court tomorrow for a pre-trial review.

Jonathan Shaw, aged 29, of Mendip Close, Malvern has pleaded not guilty to two counts of grievous bodily. He is scheduled to appear tomorrow for a pre-trial review at Worcester Crown Court.

The boxing coach says he was acting in 'self-defence' when he put a man in hospital with a 'slap'.

The two counts on the indictment both relate to the same blow, previously described as a slap, delivered at Keystones bar in Copenhagen Street, Worcester. The wording of both charges involve the allegation that Shaw 'unlawfully and maliciously' inflicted the injuries.

David-Paul Hannay suffered a bleed on the brain following the incident on November 3 last year. Count one is the more serious charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent (section 18) while count two refers to a lesser charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm (section 20).

Jason Patel, representing Shaw, said his client's case was 'self-defence' and that the blow he struck was 'a pre-emptive strike'.

The blow has previously been described in court as an 'open-handed slap'.

We have already reported how an ambulance was called to Keystones, that the complainant suffered bleeding on the brain and was in an induced coma.