THE proposal for a mobile post office in Dines Green has been rejected; however, a councillor has called for a mobile library service with multiple uses to be introduced to Worcester.

City councillor Richard Udall, who represents Dines Green, had written to the Post Office to introduce a mobile service to residents in Dines Green, after the previous post office closed in 2017, which left residents in limbo.


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In a letter from the Post Office responding to Cllr Udall’s request, it says: “I realise that the loss of the local post office is a concern for the community and I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers who have to travel further to access our services. We want to restore a post office to the community and have considered whether a temporary service from the mobile post office could be made available.

“Unfortunately, the mobile post office that operates nearby is currently at capacity and we’re not able to add any further locations to the route at the moment. We will of course keep this under review should the situation change.”

Cllr Udall said the Worcestershire Labour group has called upon the county council to team up with the Post Office to combine their mobile library service so they can also become mobile post offices.

Cllr Udall said: “They could work together to serve remote and isolated communities. The mobile library visits 160 villages in Worcestershire every four to five weeks. It brings library services to customers who may be unable to travel to a static library.

“We could expand the service, visit more communities, such as Dines Green and other urban areas and also have a Post Office on board.” The branch in Gresham Road closed in September 2017 and the building has been left empty ever since. But now, the application for the venue is to be turned into a fish and chip shop.

Worcestershire County Council were unavailable for comment.