A CLUBBER who 'attacked' a man at a Worcester nightclub and knocked him unconscious claims he was acting in self-defence.

Jake Toriyen can be seen on CCTV throwing punches at Paul Monnes before knocking him out with an uppercut in Alexander's in New Street, Worcester. The 21-year-old of Henwick Road, St John's, Worcester denies assault occasioning actual bodily harm on March 17 last year as his trial got underway at Worcester Crown Court yesterday.

Andrew Davidson, prosecuting, talked the jury through the footage. The complainant has no memory of the alleged attack. He later told officers: "My jaw and cheek was hurting and I felt it was hanging off."

Mr Davidson said: "He (Mr Monnes) bumps into the defendant, maybe on more than one occasion. We say that this defendant takes exception to that. He launched into an attack on him, punching the back of his head and to the face - three quick punches in quick succession, a short pause, and then one slower uppercut that rendered Mr Monnes unconscious on the floor."

"Mr Monnes managed to get his feet and leave the premises but was later conveyed by taxi to the hospital."

CCTV shows Toriyen delivering the punches in the crowded club before being restrained. The jury was also shown photos of Mr Monnes's injuries. He suffered swelling to the right hand side of his face, other bruises and abrasions and needed treatment on a wisdom tooth that had become twisted and pushed into the gum. Toriyen left immediately after the incident.

"The defendant raises self-defence as a lawful excuse" said Mr Davidson. Income officer Mr Monnes had been out with friends, telling police he drank four cans of Heineken and one of Strongbow dark fruit cider and two shots of Jack Daniels before arriving at Alexander's at around 11pm. Once there he said he drank vodkas with mixers and continued to drink from a bottle of champagne. He described himself as seven out of 10 in drunkenness.

He was advised by his wife to return to Alexander's but said doorstaff were 'not very helpful' and so took a taxi to Worcestershire Royal Hospital. As a precaution Mr Monnes had to be immobilised on a spinal board.

Toriyen was arrested at the University of Worcester campus at 9.20am on March 27, answering 'no comment' to police questions in interview.

The trial continues.