THE magistrates court in Worcester is dominated today by motoring offences – including speeding on the M5 at Worcester and driving without insurance.

Some drivers are also up for driving without a licence and not providing the information about the identity of a driver suspected of an offence such as speeding.

Worcester shoplifter's court meltdown

Meanwhile, the focus at Worcester Crown Court will be legal arguments in a forthcoming city GBH trial, discussions which are subject to reporting restrictions.

As previously reported, a 21-year-old man suffered serious injuries in an alleged attack at the junction of Wyld’s Lane and Vincent Road in Worcester last August. Judge Nicholas Cole will hear legal arguments today. No jury has yet been sworn. The defendants in the GBH trial are: Aurica Muti, 20, Ionut Tudor, 19, Remus Vladutoaia, 24, Cristi-Danniel Stefanescu, 20, and Marius-Anton Roman, 33, all of Poplar Road, Smethwick.

Worcester prolific shoplifter jailed

A series of appeals and plea and trial preparation hearings will also be heard at crown court today by Judge Nicolas Cartwright.

Michael McDonagh is appealing against conviction. There will be plea hearings for Simon Napper, Reece Masters, Joshua Doick, Oscar Morris, Sean Cahill and Luke Soulsby.