A HOMELESS flasher who performed sex acts in front of women and children has been banned from Worcester supermarket car parks and from getting naked in public.

Simon Burnley carried out the acts at the multi-storey car park in Asda, near a city charity shop, outside a GP surgery and on a canal towpath before telling officers ‘I’m only trying to have fun.’

The 46-year-old, now of Northfield Street, Arboretum, Worcester described himself as homeless at the time of the offences. He is now out of jail after serving time on remand. Magistrates handed him a community order last month. Now a two year criminal behaviour order has been granted which bans him from removing and prohibits him from not wearing any base layer of clothing from the waist down whilst in a public place or place to where the public has access.

The CBO, which gives police extra powers when other measures have been tried, also bans him from entering Asda car park, St Martin's Quarter, Worcester, including any stairwells that lead to the car park; entering St Martin's Gate car park, Worcester; entering any car park save when using one to park a car that his is driving or is a passenger in.

He admitted 11 charges - three of outraging public decency, two of exposure and six of possession of drugs (cannabis and amphetamine) in March and April this year.

At 10.30am on March 28 this year at Asda in Silver Street police were called to reports of a male ‘exposing his genitals’ in the stairwell of the multi-storey car park. Melanie Winterflood, prosecuting the case at magistrates court last month, said the defendant was ‘clearly in drink’ and had ‘pornographic material’ strewn around him before she added: “There were women and children in the area.”

Asda’s CCTV revealed similar behaviour on March 20. In police interview Burnley blamed a ‘medical problem’ which caused him to have difficulty urinating. Burnley carried out similar acts at the back of the Spring Gardens Group Medical Practice in Worcester on March 29 this year when a woman leaving the premises saw ‘a male with his trousers down.’ When Burnley pulled his trousers up she described them ‘falling down again’. Burnley was also seen near a charity shop in Mealcheapen Street in Worcester on April 21 this year, a woman discovering him ‘naked from the waist down’. “She said she was shocked,” said Miss Winterflood.

On April 22 police received a call about the defendant ‘hiding in bushes’ while naked and again on April 24. This time he was exposing himself on the canal footpath near the lock keeper’s cottage while ‘half in and half out of the bushes.’

When officers found him with his trousers around his ankles, Burnley was heard to say 'go on then arrest me!' He added: "I was only trying to have fun."

Burnley already has 122 convictions, including a previous conviction for indecent exposure in 2015.

Magistrates imposed a 12 month community order to include 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days. Because Burnley had already served a month in prison on remand and was unsuitable for unpaid work or a curfew, no punitive element was imposed.

As a convicted sex offender he must sign the register for the next five years. He must also pay a £95 surcharge and £150 prosecution costs