A STUDENT from the University of Worcester has been cleared of a sex attack.

Rhys John, who had been a physiotherapy student at the time, was cleared on Tuesday of the sexual assault by a jury sitting at Worcester Crown Court.

We have previously reported how the 20-year-old physiotherapy student was alleged to have touched the complainant's neck, breasts and buttocks but denied the offence on December 16, 2019.

Mr John of Needham Drive, Cranage, Crewe had always denied the charge which stated that the touching was sexual, that the complainant did not consent and that Mr John did not reasonably believe she consented.

The complainant, who cannot be identified, also gave evidence in the trial after her allegation was reported to police on February 9 last year.

In his interview Mr John said the complainant was trying to make herself sick by sticking her fingers in her mouth.

He denied pushing her on the bed, saying she had 'flopped on the bed' and that 'she had asked him to put her to bed', telling officers he had given her a glass of water when she asked for one.

Mr John said she put her arms on his shoulders and pulled him down onto the bed and pulled the duvet over both of them.

The trial began last Wednesday before Judge Nicolas Cartwright. Mr John was represented by Tom Kenning.