A PENSIONER who campaigned to have her dog back after it was seized by armed police has appeared in court to deny a charge of racially aggravated harassment against her neighbour.

Carole Roberts appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court today (Thursday) where she denied racially aggravated harassment against Daniel Davies and a further charge of criminal damage, said to have involved his car.

The 72-year-old of Guildford Close, Ronkswood, Worcester who was supported at court by her husband John denied the harassment which is alleged to have taken place on February 26 this year.

She also denied a further charge of criminal damage on February 7 this year in which he is said to have damaged the windscreen and front door of Mr Davies's car (to a value unknown) 'intending to destroy such property or being reckless as to whether such property would be destroyed or damaged'.

Liz Blacklock, prosecuting, said the case was suitable for summary trial at the magistrates court and magistrates agreed to accept jurisdiction for the case.

When asked where she would prefer to have the case heard, Roberts said she would like it to be heard in the magistrates court.

Chris Hilton, defending, said: "It's denied there was any threatening behaviour of any description, whether racially aggravated or otherwise."

We reported in April how Carole and John Roberts both broke down in tears when their dog Dylan was returned to them by West Mercia Police after four months.

Neither of them had seen him since he was seized by West Mercia Police in December because he was suspected of a fatal attack on another dog – something the couple always denied.

As a last desperate resort, the couple had planned a protest outside Worcester Police Station in Castle Street with placards in the hope they could get Dylan back.

We have previously reported how Dylan was seized by police with riot shields and Tasers on December 11 last year during fraught scenes at the family home.

A trial date for the harassment and criminal damage matters was set down for November 2 at Kidderminster Magistrates Court.