A 27-year-old man accused of raping two women was asked if he was 'a brazen liar' during tense scenes at court.

Daniel Jones denies the two rapes at his ongoing trial at Worcester Crown Court which began last Tuesday.

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The cross-examination of Jones of Hancocks Lane, Welland, near Malvern continued today (Wednesday). A jury had previously heard that Jones had an interest in 'domination' and 'strangulation' and 'rape fantasies' with some of his interests shared by his alleged victims. A riding crop was found by his bed and he accepted using it to strike the second complainant as well as spanking her with his hand.

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He denies both rapes, one said to have been committed against a married mum in her own home in Norfolk last April and the other against a second woman in his own cottage in January this year.

The defendant accepts he drove down to Weston-super-Mare to pick to pick up the second complainant and also that he stole rings, including a wedding ring, from the home of the first complainant in Norfolk.

Caroline Goodwin QC continued her questioning of the defendant about his breach of bail conditions. Jones was visited by two police officers after the battery on his electronic tag ran low in January.

A second rape complainant was found in his home despite his bail conditions prohibiting him from using apps like Whisper to contact women. He also had to divulge any relationships he had formed with women while under investigation for the first alleged rape to police.

Miss Goodwin said: "Having had the instructions of the crown court judge ringing in your ear about the consequences of breaching your bail conditions, do you agree you had reminders ringing in your ears when your bail conditions were given as to the consequences?" The defendant said 'yes'.

He accepted he decided to 'take the risk' and download the app. She also put it to him that he had lied to his offender manager. On Tuesday, January 26 this year it was put to him that officers had asked if he had been in contact with any other women and that he had replied 'none, except for my mother and sister'.

Miss Goodwin asked him if he had 'breathed a sigh of relief' when officers looked through his phone and did not see the messages. "Yes" answered Jones.

"You were being deceitful would you agree?"

Again Jones answered 'yes'.

"You're a brazen liar, aren't you?" said Miss Goodwin.

"I wouldn't say so" said Jones.

"You were quite deliberately hiding (from his offender manager) what was going on. Would you agree with that?"

"Yes I would" said Jones.

Jones told the jury he had sent an email declaring that he had formed a relationship with a woman to police but that because of the poor internet connection at his home it did not arrive at the time he sent it and it was received after officers had visited his home and found the second complainant inside.

The trial continues.