A DRUG dealer with 15kg of cocaine was forced off the road then robbed of more than half a million pounds of the drug by armed men, a court heard.

More details have emerged about the dramatic robbery of drugs courier Reece Jury in Stoulton, near Worcester who had most of the 15 'bricks' of the drug stolen during a road heist.

The 33-year-old was jailed for seven years and eight months at Worcester Crown Court earlier this month by Judge Nicolas Cartwright for possession with intent to supply the class A drug.

However, we can now reveal that by the time the 33-year-old was arrested while walking along the road he only had 2kg of drugs left – the rest of the 15kg haul had been stolen by men he says were armed.

Jury had been behind the wheel of a grey Volkswagen Transporter on August 17 this year when he was involved in a crash as he was pursued by men in a transit van who ultimately stole the drugs worth up to £630,000.

The estimated value of the 15 bricks of cocaine was placed at between £480,000 and £630,000 with each package valued at between £36,000 and £42,000.

Ryan Hodgins, prosecuting, said: “A black Ford transit van then arrived at the scene of the collision containing four males who quickly transferred several packages from the crashed Transporter into the van.”

A local worker reported the matter to the police as the defendant ran from the crash site towards a nearby brook. He was later found by officers further along the road.

“The defendant was arrested and the Volkswagen Transporter was searched. Within the vehicle, officers identified two packages containing cocaine with an approximate weight of 1kg each,” said the Crown.

During police interview Jury admitted he was the driver who collected, transported and dropped off the drugs before being paid ‘cash in hand' for doing so.

He said he had been performing the role for three to four months and had rented several vans during the period for the purpose.

“On the day in question, the defendant admitted that he had collected 15 plus brick-sized packages containing cocaine.

"He then stated that he had been forced off the road by males in the Ford Transit van who the approached him with weapons.

"The defendant attempted to get away in the Volkswagen Transporter but crashed and then attempted to escape on foot,” said Mr Hodgins.

Jury of Broadwater Gardens, London, had two previous convictions for five offences, including possession of class A drugs (cocaine) on June 30, 2014.

The Crown put that Jury 'played a significant role' and was 'motivated by financial advantage'.

"The defendant has also admitted that he was the transporter of these drugs on multiple occasions which is suggestive of having played an operational function within a chain" said the prosecutor.

The forfeiture and destruction of the drugs seized will await the conclusion of forthcoming confiscation proceedings.