KNIFE attacks in Worcester are 'rare' say police after a youth hacked at two men with a large 'zombie knife' in a horrifying, bloody assault which left both scarred for life.

This month the 16-year-old attacker was detained for 40 months following a knife assault in the city's Quay Street on June 4 this year.

During the attacking two men were seriously injured, one suffering a deep gash and a broken skull, with a harrowing video of the incident shared at the time on social media.

For legal reasons the youth cannot be named after he admitted wounding with intent against the men, both aged 18 at the time.

How we reported the sentence

West Mercia Police have explained that they have increased the number of officers who engage with young people in order to prevent knife crime and turn them away from that lifestyle.

Drugs death risk of Worcester beggar

The knife used was a Zombie Knife, which are in themselves, illegal to possess under the Offensive Weapons Act 2019.

Detective Constable Andrew Todd said: “I would like to thank all my colleagues involved in this case as the teamwork and quick reaction to this incident in Worcester led to the arrest the of the individual responsible and putting them in custody quickly.

“The Judge’s summing up of the case also highlights the consequences of carrying and using a knife. All year and especially last week during Op Sceptre (a week long knife surrender campaign), we work closely with young people to show them that knives not only ruin lives for victims who are hurt, but also for the offender.

"This individual will now go to prison for several years and his life will now be severely impacted by a significant criminal record.

“Fortunately, in Worcester we don’t experience the same level of knife crime that many other cities are blighted by. However, we have increased the number of officers who specifically take on an early intervention with children and young people. This intervention is crucial in deterring young people from becoming involved in a knife culture. For the past two years, our successful ‘Steer Clear’ programme has helped young people involved in, or on the periphery of being involved in, knife crime find an alternative route in life."

If you are worried about a mate or are concerned a young person is involved in or on the periphery of becoming involved in knife crime and carrying a knife can report this anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

More information for young people about the stark consequences of knife crime can be found at where concerns can also be reported anonymously