AN alleged cocaine trafficker says her violent drug dealing boyfriend was always cheating on her and even got his lover pregnant.

Sinead Lavelle of Saxon Way, Wychbold, appeared in the witness box to deny her involvement in an alleged conspiracy to transport cocaine to Devon on behalf of her partner with whom she was in a 'volatile relationship'.

Alleged drugs conspirator thought he was delivering car parts

The 33-year-old mum denies conspiring with others, including her partner Gareth Pegler, to supply cocaine between January 1, 2018 and June 1 last year.

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She explained that she had only met two of her alleged co-conspirators when she saw them at magistrates court after she had been charged with the offence.

A phone attributed to Lavelle was said by the prosecution to have been tracked to Ilfracombe and back to Wychbold on August 29 into August 30, 2019 but the defendant said: "I don't recall that trip."

Lavelle also said she did not recall making a similar trip on September 1 into September 2, 2019.

Lavelle explained that her best friend's mum had brought her up, that one brother was violent to her and the other was a drug addict and that she left school at 12 or 13.

When asked by her advocate, Suzanne Payne, she accepted she had previous convictions, some dating back to when she was a youth in 2005. Convictions included for battery, theft, assaulting a police officer, breaching a community order, disorder and criminal damage, including 'smashing up' Pegler's tattoo shop when she discovered he was 'having an affair with his apprentice'.

She told the jury she met Gareth Pegler when she was 19 or 20 and had two children by him.

Lavelle went on to describe her relationship with Pegler, who has already admitted the cocaine conspiracy, as volatile and that he had been to prison for assaulting somebody in Bewdley.

"He got recalled to prison for an assault on me" she said.

Describing their relationship as 'on-off' and 'mainly off', she told the jury they would argue all the time. "He was cheating on me left, right and centre. I suspected he was having an affair with the apprentice at the tattoo shop which turned out to be true" she said.

Lavelle said of Pegler: "He used to take the phone because it was contract and kick me out. He had another girlfriend and she was pregnant."

The defendant also described him as 'a ghost' because he would never answer his phone.

They broke up in 2017 but got back together in 2019 after she helped Pegler's mum look after his step-father at the end of his life.

She explained that she would transfer Pegler the money for the rent but that it was not paid in full so she was evicted and came to live with him at his home in Saxon Way, Wychbold.

She described the house as 'a mess' with 'boxes of stuff everywhere' including car parts.

Lavelle said she did not have a key to the house. She also told the jury he had assaulted her in April last year when she tried to stop him driving the car because he was 'paralytic', hitting her with a table.

"I had a black eye" she said. She said she had not reported the assault to police.

The trial continues.