A CONVICTED robber repeatedly attacked and even strangled his pregnant partner because she would not have an abortion.

Ross Jones admitted carrying out the attacks in Worcester when he appeared before city magistrates on Thursday. At one stage he even threatened to get the baby 'knocked out of her'.

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In total the 27-year-old admitted seven domestic assaults on the same victim who attended court heavily pregnant.

Worcester News:

GUILTY: Ross Jones leaves court


In a victim personal statement she said: "I feel scared to go out in case I see him in the area."

The victim, who said she wore 'baggy clothes to cover up the bruises', added: "He made me feel like I was worth nothing."

He also admitted sending a malicious communication on the basis, accepted, by the Crown, that he was 'angry' at the time.

Worcester News:

ATTACKS: Ross Jones


Jones, who was at one stage banned from Warndon as a condition of bail, pleaded guilty to assaults on May 2, May 11, May 14, June 20, July 2, July 4 and August 6 last year.

Further to this, he also admitted using threatening words or behaviour against the same victim. The court heard Jones believed there had been an agreement to have an abortion but that the woman decided to keep the baby.

Jones, has a previous conviction as a youth for robbery from 2011, the court heard.

Liz Blacklock, prosecuting, said the couple had been in relationship for about a year and a half with the defendant moving into the her home address.

She was pregnant when 'the defendant tried to strangle the complainant with his hands, leaving a red mark to her neck' on May 2.

On May 11 he grabbed her upper arm, leaving bruising. On May 14 he 'pushed the complainant causing her to fall and also grabbed her by the arm'.

Jones grabbed her by the jaw and pushed her against a bedroom wall on June 20 and grabbed her arm once again on July 2, Miss Blacklock said.

On July 4 he 'pushed her from behind, causing her to fall forwards, hitting her head and causing some swelling'.

"On August 6 he slapped her around the face, causing her to hit the corner of the door frame" said Miss Blacklock.

During the malicious communication on August 31 last year he told her to 'die' and said in a text: "I will get somebody to knock the baby out of you."

Jones, now of Nightingale Lane, Cleeve Prior, had no previous convictions for similar offences.

Paul Stanley, defending, described Jones as a 'hard working man'. He said a bail condition for Jones not to enter Warndon in Worcester had been removed on December 9 last year. Magistrates adjourned the case until March 15 to allow the probation service time to prepare a pre-sentence report.

In the meantime Jones was granted bail on condition he does not communicate with prosecution witnesses, including the victim, and does not make reference to them on social media.