A BIKER was left “heartbroken” after thieves stole his bike from his drive - a theft caught on a neighbour's doorbell camera.

Marcin Szymanski’s motorbike was stolen from outside his home, on Lygon Walk, off Tolladine Road, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Mr Szymanski said he was now having to beg colleagues for lifts to work and is appealing for its return.

The 35-year-old said: “I am so heartbroken, it was my biggest dream come true.

“I use it to commute to my work in Droitwich so now I’m having to ask co-workers for lifts.

“It’s left me stranded.

“I have never had a situation like this before, I have never had anything stolen from me.

“Any information would be lifesaving.”

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Video doorbell footage from neighbours has shown two men taking the bike, a Yamaha FZ1-Naked ABS version 2011.

The pair first approached Mr Szymanski’s house at around 10.30pm on Monday night, having already looked at a nearby kebab shop.

The pair then disappeared down Tolladine Road.

The men came back in the early hours of Tuesday, first attempting to break into a nearby kebab shop before visiting his house once more.

After disappearing for a short while, the pair returned just before 1am.

“They knew what the aim was,” added Mr Szymanski.

“They have broken the lock on my steering column using brute force.

“I have no idea how they managed to break my disc lock, they are supposed to be impenetrable.”

He added that they were last seen heading down an alleyway, towards Rose Avenue, and that one of the men was wearing a hoodie, while the other was wearing a “peaky blinders” style cap.

Worcester News: The motorbike in questionThe motorbike in question

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A West Mercia Police spokesperson has confirmed they are investigating the incident.

They said: “I can confirm that police were called in the morning of May 3 after a man discovered his motorbike had been stolen sometime overnight from his home in Lygon Walk. 

“Investigations are continuing and CCTV being reviewed.”