PET owners experiencing the devastating prospect of having their beloved pet put down are being given a little comfort at a city's vet.

Staff at MacArthur Barstow Gibbs (MBG), in Droitwich Road, let other people know an animal is about to be put down by lighting electric candles.

Jo Howl, HR manager, said: "When there are several people and pets in the waiting room, we needed a discreet way of saying what is happening, so we have the candle and have some wording near the candle that explains why the candle has been lit." 

The bereavement candle has a photo frame next to it that explains why the candle is there and the reason behind why it could be lit, the text says: 

"If this candle is lit, someone is saying goodbye to their beloved pet. 

"We ask you to speak softly and with respect during this difficult time. 

"Thank you for your patience and kindness."

Worcester News: MacArthur Barstow Gibbs: bereavement candleMacArthur Barstow Gibbs: bereavement candle

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Mrs Howl said people have always been respectful when the candle is burning and many clients have even expressed their gratitude towards the idea.  

Mrs Howl said: "We are not going to ask anyone to sit in silence, but we want them to be respectful. 

"I can't think of an incident when people haven't been respectful, which goes to show the general public is generally quite lovely.  

"People are grateful for the candle and even those who aren't affected are grateful." 

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Last month, MBG also held a charity dog wash to raise money for the Senior Staffy Club. 

Louise, Sara and Ellie from MBG took place in bathing and blow-drying dogs and 100 per cent of the proceeds were donated to charity.