A musical adaptation of a popular children's book is coming to Worcester just in time for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 

Bafta winning author, Nicholas Allan, has worked with TaleGate Theatre Productions to create a musical adaptation of his bestseller, The Queen's Knickers.

Nicholas Allan said: “A musical of ‘The Queen's Knickers’ should be one of sheer fun.

"The book has been a big seller for over twenty-nine years: the combined subjects of Royalty and under- wear of great curiosity to young children.

"TaleGate Theatre, who have had such success with ‘Father Christmas Needs A Wee’, will use their creative genius, I'm sure, to maximum effect both in story and song for this new project.

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"I'm looking forward to the result.”

Philip Ward, managing director of TaleGate Theatre Productions, said: “We have been working closely with Nicholas for several years and not only consider him a sheer talent in children's literature but a close friend.

"This is an adaptation we have wanted to work on for some time and feel now is the right time as it will take TaleGate Theatre to new heights.”

The musical will be touring the UK from May 2022.

The tour will be visiting the Swan Theatre in central Worcester on Wednesday, June 1 and will be at Malvern Theatres on Tuesday, August 2. 

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The original explores the Queen’s fashions with a cheeky wink to childish humour - 'Everyone can see the Queen’s smart coats and dresses, but what does she wear under- neath?

"Through the eyes of a little girl hoping for a school visit by the Queen, the range of royal underwear is revealed, in all its regal glory.'"