A POPULAR Worcestershire barber chain has gone viral on TikTok, with nearly 12 million views on one video.

Barbertown, which has a business in St John's, began posting videos on TikTok in January this year, and one particular video has now reached 11.8 million views.

The video shows an elderly gentleman getting a haircut, which commenters have called "really satisfying to watch" and commended the barber for his "great skills."

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Worcester News: Jon Bourne, owner of Barbertown. Picture Credit:@barbertownworcs.Jon Bourne, owner of Barbertown. Picture Credit:@barbertownworcs.

Jon Bourne, owner of Barbertown, said that the video has gone "absolutely crazy" on the video-sharing platform.

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He said: "We have already been sharing our content on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and have always had a good response.

"It was fairly recently that we decided to expand to TikTok as it is such a popular social media network now.

"We shared that video and it has just gone absolutely crazy."

Mr Bourne said that the video has been particularly popular amongst other barbershop accounts on TikTok, with many commenting on the technique and asking for tips.

He said: "It's an old school style what we are using in the video which maybe does not get seen as much in the profession nowadays.

"We have seen a lot of younger barbers and lots of accounts from the USA that have been leaving some lovely comments.

"We have also had lots of manufacturers getting in touch from the video offering to send us different products to try which is nice as well."

Barbertown has also seen success on other platforms including Youtube, where a tutorial video has amassed over 3.6million views, and the channel has over 36,000 subscribers.

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Mr Bourne said: "The social media floats alongside our work and it's great to see it taking off.

"We pride ourselves on keeping what we do traditional, we are barbers through and through."

Barbertown is a local business with three locations in Worcestershire, St John's, The Tything and Malvern.