WORCESTER's Vegan market is being held today in the city centre.

Lots of vendors sampling a wide array of vegan and vegetarian cuisines are on offer in Cathedral Square, and continuing on to Worcester High Street.

The event also aims to bring forward sustainable and ethical alternatives, and pioneer eco-focused companies. 

Despite the rainy weather, the market saw a good turnout from foodies across Worcestershire and beyond. 

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Roxy Hole, the owner of Rebelrox, was happy with the number of people turning up to the event.

Worcester News: Roxy Hole, owner of Rebelrox.Roxy Hole, owner of Rebelrox.

"It has been really good. I have had lots of support so far today which has been lovely to see.

"I put that I was putting up a stall in one of the local vegan Facebook groups so I have had lots of people stopping by to pick up brownies and cookies which has been lovely."

Sophie Scott, the owner of The Pie Box, has had people travelling from Wales come and sample her vegan pie and mash.

Worcester News: Sophie Scott (owner of The Pie Box) and Amber Scott.Sophie Scott (owner of The Pie Box) and Amber Scott.

She said: "It has been very good, and despite the weather we are still seeing good numbers which is amazing.

"I have had some people visit us from Swansea who saw we were going to be here, so it just goes to show that people are happy to travel.

"It also helps that it is perfect weather for warm pie and mash."

Vendors who were here last year also decided to revisit the event after its previous success.

Worcester News: hian Caffull (owner of VegLife) and Martin Brown.hian Caffull (owner of VegLife) and Martin Brown.

Rhian Caffull, owner of Veg Life, said: "It has been off to a good start. We are Malvern based and wanted to come back as the market that was here last year was a brilliant event."

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Worcester Vegan Market is a climate-positive event that aims to bring forward sustainable, ethical and vegan alternatives and pioneer eco-focused companies. 

Last year, the market had a variety of stalls including No Frickin Chicken, OMishka, Vegan Sweet Tooth, Little Bento Box and The Pie Box just to name a few. 

Shoppers will be able to pick up plant-based treats and sustainable goods from High Street and Cathedral Square from 11am to 6pm.