A DRIVER was stopped because he was texting behind the wheel of an articulated lorry - and the HGV was then found to have a defective tyre.

Police today shared a photo of the badly worn tyre after the lorry driver was pulled over by a Worcestershire police team tasked with cutting roads deaths.


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The Operations Patrol Unit for Worcestershire, which runs roads policing for West Mercia Police, shared the photo on social media.

A spokesman for the OPU sai the driver was stopped because he was 'seen texting whilst driving'.



They added: "Inspection of the trailer identified a defective tyre with the cord exposed. The vehicle was prohibited. The driver was reported for the offences."

The driver was stopped as part of Operation Tramline, supporting Highways England’s road safety Key Performance Indicator (KPI) target of a decrease of at least 40 per cent in the number of people killed or seriously injured on the strategic road network.

The OPU polices the M5, M42, M50 and strategic road network in Worcestershire, investigating serious/fatal collisions and supporting reducing road casualties.