Residents of a Worcester road plagued by speeding motorists are taking matters into their own hands.

Volunteers in Swinton Lane, St Johns, are forming a Community Speed Watch group.

Nick Elt, who has lived in the street on and off for 64 years, said cars had been clocked going faster than 60mph despite Swinton Lane’s 30mph limit.

“The issue has gradually gotten worse and worse over the years,” he said.

“There are two new estates on one side of the road, so the amount of traffic has been increasing. And we have numerous car garages nearby, who use the road to get to the Lowesmoor filling station.

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“You’ve got young lads driving powerful cars and putting their foot down. It’s in the past five years that it’s gotten so bad.”

A video capture by Mr Elt’s CCTV camera shows a VW Golf speeding at what he estimated to be more than 50mph along the road despite a group of pedestrians waving at the driver in a bid to get them to slow down.

He said there had been a number of accidents on the road in recent years and that residents fear that at some point, a pedestrian will be hit.

How to form a Community Speed Watch group

That worry has inspired a group of volunteers to form a Community Speedwatch group. In order to do this, there has to be a minimum of six people, who must all pass an online test.

When carrying out speed checks, at least three volunteers are needed - one to operate the speed gun, one to concentrate on registration plates and one to look out for the make and models of cars.

The group has a speed gun and signs to put up in the street, and is now waiting on West Mercia Police to deliver the training they need to get started.

“Once we have that, we’ll be able to detect and record speeds, along with vehicle details, and submit them to the police,” said Mr Elt.

“Councillor Alan Amos has been very helpful throughout the process,” he added. “And our local PC Paul Slaymaker has been helpful, too.”

Anyone else wishing to set up a Community Speed Watch is encouraged to contact their local parish council in the first instance.