THE COST of living crisis is putting a squeeze on everyone's budgets at the moment and making us think twice about what we buy.

For garden lovers, we asked expert Adam Frost what he would spend £5 on in a garden centre. 

Mr Frost who rose to fame for presenting BBC's Gardenders' World, said he would spend money on seeds. 

He said: "If I only had a fiver, I would buy myself a load of seeds, they're not expensive and it's a fantastic way to get into gardening. 

Worcester News: Adam Frost is coming to Worcestershire Adam Frost is coming to Worcestershire

"All my children are far more excited about the vegetables we grow than the flowers. 

"I would buy annual red seeds and herbs that I can grow myself. 

"You can be quite frugal with gardening, you can swap seeds with your friends."

An Evening With Adam Frost

Worcester News: Adam Frost is coming to WorcestershireAdam Frost is coming to Worcestershire (Image: Contributed)

The award-winning gardener, who has won seven gold medals from the Chelsea Flower Show, is coming to Malvern Theatres on Thursday, September 15. 

An Evening With Adam Frost will feature green-fingered advice and amusing stories after a lifetime in the garden. 

The 53-year-old said: "The show is the story of my life but through gardening. It will encapsulate my life in an hour or so and people can watch me gardening. 

"If everyone gardened, however you could whether it's having a plant on your balcony or growing seeds, that connection to nature is important."

Mr Frost says his connection to nature has helped him through lockdown and called his love for gardening a lifetime of learning.  

Worcester News: Adam Frost is coming to Worcestershire for a showAdam Frost is coming to Worcestershire for a show (Image: Contributed)

He added: "The past two years have shown us that a little bit of green space is good for us.

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"There is an element of peace and pleasure and gardening teaches you about our wild world rather than trying to control it all the time.

"Gardening is about getting out there and having a go, you might be surprised. 

"It's quite fulfilling when you can feed your family with the potatoes you have grown. 

"The whole process is quite magical.

"My advice would be to just pot up a plant and look after it and see how you get on. 

"People should focus on where you put the plants and the conditions you put them in.

"It's important to take care with the conditions you put the plants in, the soil type, food and water."