A WORCESTER radio station has relaunched with an old name but new faces as the original broadcasters pass on the torch. 

Radio Wyvern returned to the air after being closed in 2012 and turned into Free Radio which was run from Manchester. 

Youthcomm radio has rebranded as Radio Wyvern - on the 40th anniversary of the station's original launch. 

Paul Ellery said three years of planning have led up to the moment it officially rebranded.

Mr Ellery said: "The Wyvern name is iconic because it was one of the first local radio stations to come on the air.

"When the name disappeared from Worcester and in so many towns and cities across the country local radio has disappeared and been replaced by what they call quasi-national stations.

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"We brought the Wyvern brand back because one of our shareholders at Youthcom, now Wyvern, was an original member of the team setting up Wyvern.

"We have the original launch team here today.

"I used to go to Bishop Perowne school and my school was opposite Wyvern.

"My dream was always to work at Wyvern and I got to do seven years at Wyvern from 2004 to 2011 and I loved my time there. 

"For me to bring back my childhood dream is a huge accomplishment."

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For one day only, the original Radio Wyvern broadcasters Sammy Southall, 67, Mike George, 77, and Rob Yarnold, 81, returned to the studio to welcome the station's return and to pass the torch along to 21-year-old Owen Lowe. 

The original trio of broadcasters reminisced on the nerves they felt on their first day at Radio Wyvern.

Mr Southall said: "We have come back today to give the station a kick into the twenties.

"I just think it's amazing that the station has come around again and it's a unique moment in our history.

"40 years to the day, to the minute that the same person has opened the same named radio station.

"I'm giving them a little bit of my voice to wish them on their way just for today." 

The mayor of Worcester, Adrian Gregson, came along to support the event.

He said: "It's an exciting place here at Wyvern.

"It's fun and the enthusiasm has been recaptured all over again."