A CHINESE restaurant and takeaway has closed suddenly and unexpectedly 'until further notice'. 

The New Four Seasons in Malvern Road, Powick closed on Wednesday, February 1 over staffing shortages - and it is not yet clear when it will reopen.

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A statement on the Cantonese takeaway's website reads: "Unfortunately due to staff shortages, we will be closed from February 1 until further notice."

The Worcester News has made efforts in the meantime to contact the restaurant's managers and owner for a response.

Worcester News: OWNER: Frankie Tsang OWNER: Frankie Tsang (Image: Newsquest)

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We reported in September 2020 that Frankie Tsang, owner of the Chinese restaurant, said he has been forced to shut due to Covid-19 and the changes it has brought with it.

Mr Tsang said: “It is sad to see my restaurant close, I have been in the industry for nearly 40 years and have owned the Four Seasons for 25.

“We have made this difficult decision for two reasons, the first being coronavirus. The pandemic has meant less people eating out and more people getting takeaway.

“Due to this, and the fact our restaurant is too small to allow social distance, we made the decision to shut, but we are still offering takeaway and we are still relying on the local community for their support with this."