MORE details have been revealed as to why there are no school street schemes, which stop cars using roads near schools, running in the county.

Campaigners, including Bike Worcester, have long called for a School Streets scheme, which sees roads closed to all traffic outside primary schools during pick-up and drop-off times.

However, it has not been adopted in the county. 

Councillor Mike Rouse, Worcestershire Council Council cabinet member for highways and transport, said the authority had considered some schools for the scheme in Redditch, but they were not moved forward.

Cllr Rouse said: "No full plans have ever been submitted for our formal consideration.

"We have a case-by-case approach and ensure that any plans are in line with the needs and concerns of the local schools and communities.

"We have already considered a number of schools in Redditch for example and they did not meet the criteria for the scheme, including lack of support from the schools who would have to manage the scheme on the ground.”

Worcester News: SCHEME: A school street scheme in BrightonSCHEME: A school street scheme in Brighton (Image: From public)

In a statement previously, Councillor Rouse highlighted that the authorities using the schemes are predominantly within larger metropolitan authorities and Worcestershire schools were focused on parking restrictions with school Keep Clear signs.

New technology for automated enforcement was also being trialled. 

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Oldham Council in Greater Manchester became the latest authority nationally to trial the School Streets scheme.

The project aims to make it safer for pupils by school gates while also improving air quality.