A POLE for wireless broadband has been put up where fed-up residents wanted a new car park. 

The large pole has been put up on a patch of grass in Amberley Close in Worcester.

Residents wanted the land to be tarmacked over in order to provide extra parking - but the pole may not be fatal to the plan says Warndon's councillor. 

A petition was handed into Worcestershire County Council six months ago, calling for action to solve the 'nightmare' shortage of parking.

Cllr Jill Desayrah says the pole will deprive residents of at least one parking space if the scheme ever gets off the ground.

Worcester News: FUTURE: The broadband 'utility pole' in Amberley Close is part of a scheme by CityFibre FUTURE: The broadband 'utility pole' in Amberley Close is part of a scheme by CityFibre (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)

Another of the concerns she raised was that ambulances and other emergency vehicles, including police and fire engines, may not be able to get through because of all the double-parked cars.

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A hatched space for emergency vehicles was one of the suggestions so access will be improved should the worst happen.

It is understood the pole was put in place on October 24 last year.

The Warndon Labour councillor said: "Six months ago the request was made, supported by a popular petition of residents in the street, for the creation of additional parking bays in Amberley Close. 

"A 30-day response is promised on the county website. This period has elapsed several times over with multiple escalations but there has been no answer so far.

"Strangely some assurance could be gained from this. Other requests of mine, for example to have a 20mph speed limit applied in Tetbury Drive, Warndon have received a “no” very quickly. 

"Meanwhile, matters were complicated when, without any warning to residents or local councillors, City Fibre installed a large pole in one corner of the plot.

"It’s an unhelpful development but hopefully it’s not fatal to the plan.

"Support for the additional parking is confirmed each time I have another of my frequent conversations with the local county councillor, though he has not yet secured action from highways. 

"So hope remains that this important and necessary improvement to parking issues in Amberley Close will yet be delivered. “

Neal Wright, area manager for CityFibre in Worcester, said they were sorry to learn of the concerns.

"Our team use a range of build techniques to construct our full fibre networks, and this can vary due to the unique environment of each street.

"For example, it gives access to faster and more reliable connectivity quicker and with less disruption than a below ground deployment by reducing the need for roadworks and restrictions."

He added they do "all they can" to inform people of work and are investing £21m in a city-wide full fibre network.

Councillor Mike Rouse, cabinet member for Highways and Transport at Worcestershire County Council, said they are working with the county councillor to look at any viable options for parking.