"SCUMBAG" thieves with "zero morals" have stolen items from graves across Droitwich.

Items were taken from graves in churchyards at St Peter de Witton's Church and Chaddesley Corbett Church, leaving relatives distressed and angry.

In one instance, family and friends were angered by the theft of tributes left on their loved one's grave to mark a birthday.

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One person said: "Whoever likes to steal things from people's graves at St Peters (especially things left for their birthday), I hope you get what’s coming to you.

"You are a scumbag with zero morals."

One person recalled the disrespect they felt after thieves stole items from their loved one's burial place.

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Worcester News: THEFTS: Graves at St Peter de Witton's ChurchTHEFTS: Graves at St Peter de Witton's Church (Image: NQ)

She said: "I had this at Chaddesley Corbett churchyard.

"Such disrespect!

"If only there were security cameras."

In response to the thefts, The Archdeacon of Worcester, Robert Jones, said the thefts were disappointing.

The churches so far that have been knowingly affected in Droitwich are St Peter's Church and Chaddesley Corbett Church.

Archdeacon Jones said: “It is always disappointing when things go missing from gravestones, and we would ask those responsible to consider the distress they are causing.

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"We want our churchyards to remain open places where all are welcome to come and find peace.

"Because they are largely maintained by volunteers using church funds, it is impossible to have a constant presence there, however, we always appreciate those locals who help us by keeping an eye out."

Residents have also been urged to talk to their local clergy if they find items regularly disappearing.

However, these are not the first instances of thefts from graves in the area.

In October last year, a son was left disgusted when someone stole his parent's stone statues from their burial place in Astwood Cemetery, Worcester.

The two ornamental stone grey lions marked the graves of Craig Cook's mother and father.

The theft led Mr Cook to call for security cameras to be posted around the cemetery to deter thieves.