A LIVESTOCK farmer is "distraught" and "devastated" after ewes were stolen from his field.

Jack Deakins had twelve rare award-winning ewes stolen from the field opposite the Chateau Impney in Droitwich.

Another ewe was found with her four legs bound by a blue rope which left her unable to walk for a day.

She is currently in veterinary care, but it is unsure if she will survive the trauma of the theft. 

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Mr Deakins spent the past five years rearing the ewes from when they were lambs and others he brought to be part of the flock.

Worcester News: STOLEN: The ewes when they were born.STOLEN: The ewes when they were born. (Image: Jack Deakins)

He said: "They are part of my family.

"I have bred them and brought them up.

"It is devastating.

"I am sad and distraught that they are not here with us.

Worcester News: BOUND: The ewe was left behind bound in blue ropeBOUND: The ewe was left behind bound in blue rope (Image: Jack Deakins)

"I hope the people who took them realise how much they mean to me because they are a part of me.

"It is not about the money or the wins."

The twelve Ryeland ewes were stolen on Ford Lane between 5.30pm on Tuesday, April 11 and 2pm on Wednesday, April 12.

All the ewes have been multi-award winners in high-level competitions, and the flock won best in show across the entire country last year within the Ryelands Flocks Society.

Worcester News: AWARD WINNING: Mr Deakins and his ewes have received many trophies.AWARD WINNING: Mr Deakins and his ewes have received many trophies. (Image: Jack Deakins)

Mr Deakins only has the sheep for a hobby and breeding them.

"They are a rare breed and not bred for meat - they would never go for meat," he said.

"They had a wormer last week, and whenever you give animals medicine, there is a meat withdrawal period.

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"So to the person who has them, they should not go into the food chain."

The thefts have now been reported to the Crime Bureau.

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: "We can confirm we have received a report of the theft of 12 ewes from a field in Ford Lane in Elmbridge near Droitwich.

"The theft occurred between 5.30pm on Tuesday, April 11 and 2pm on Wednesday, April 12. 

"They were in the fields next to the golf course.

"They are described as all having pedigree tags and have been shaved – not woolly.

"A crime report has been submitted by our Crime Bureau.

"The incident reference is 274i of 12 April.

"If anyone witnessed anything suspicious in the area, they can contact the West Mercia Crime Bureau on 01905 332136."