A THIEF who managed to escape a security guard after a chase has been brought to justice.

Worcester Magistrates Court heard Dean Scollen, of Henwick Road, Worcester, had been put up to steal trainers from a High Street store claiming he did it out of "financial need". 

Owen Beale, prosecuting, said Scollen stole two pairs of trainers from TK Maxx, worth £139.98, by taking tags off them and putting them into his rucksack on January 21. 

Scollen then returned to the store on January 30 stealing another pair of trainers, worth £59.99, using the same method - but this time he was identified by staff.

Worcester News: THIEF: Dean Scollen pictured leaving Worcester Magistrates CourtTHIEF: Dean Scollen pictured leaving Worcester Magistrates Court (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)

The prosecutor said: "The security guard tried to apprehend him, running after him - unfortunately he fell over."

In police interview, Scollen told police he had been put up to steal the trainers by someone, but did not name the person. 

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Scollen, who admitted two charges of theft from a shop at the court on Thursday, (April 20), was defended by Paul Stanley. 

The solicitor told the court the 46-year-old had been "open and honest" in his interview.

Worcester News: COURT: Dean Scollen appeared at Worcester Magistrates CourtCOURT: Dean Scollen appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court

The solicitor said: "It was out of financial need, he had no money at all - that was the motivation for this regrettable incident taking place.

"He is not someone stealing for drugs or alcohol."

The solicitor added magistrates could deal with Scollen by giving him a conditional discharge.

Worcester News: CASE: Dean Scollen pictured in 2013CASE: Dean Scollen pictured in 2013 (Image: Newsquest)

Chairman of the bench, Kevin Lloyd-Wright, said Tk Maxx had been the victim of his Scollen's shoplifting, with the trainers not recovered. 

"This was theft by order making it more serious," the chairman said. 

"There is an element of planning - you did it once, and did it again."

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Magistrates decided to fine Scollen £120 for each theft offence and ordered him to pay £199.97 compensation to the store. 

Scollen's offer to pay the total, £439.97, at a rate of £20 a month was accepted by the magistrates. 


Dean Scollen once hit out after being called 'lazy scrounger' by recruitment boss


Scollen appeared in the Worcester News in October 2013, hitting out at a recruitment boss who branded him a lazy scrounger online. 

Scollan was left angry after he was criticised on Facebook for turning down a job, explaining he would have been worse off to take it as he was better on benefits.