A 'UFO-esque' jet fighter rarely seen in the UK is giving a one-off display at a popular midlands event.

The Swedish Draken jet fighter will be making an appearance at the Midlands Air Festival over the Ragely Hall estate, alongside another rare British jet fighter the de-Havilland Vampire on Sunday, June 4.

The jet is a uniquely shaped, swept wing double delta aircraft that has been compared to a UFO, with its sleek shape.

It is capable of a supersonic speed of 1200 miles an hour and can climb to 40,000ft in one minute.

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Trevor Graham, Midlands Air Festival director of aviation said: “This year’s Midlands Air Festival will be the best so far, the support we are receiving from the people of the Midlands is amazing and the event is now attracting international visitors.

"Our team has worked hard all year to confirm some of the world’s most exciting displays and bring them to our show. We want to offer something for all ages and interests.

"We have displays this year that will be truly unforgettable both during the day and at night and don’t forget to look out for that UFO."

Worcester News: Red Arrows at Midlands Air Festival.Red Arrows at Midlands Air Festival. (Image: Chris Box)

On Friday and Saturday, there will also be two full displays from the Royal Air Force’s Aerobatic team, the Red Arrows, and the RAF frontline jet fighter, Typhoon, performing their first displays of the season.

The Red Arrows will also fly a formation flypast on Sunday.

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WW2 warbirds will also be heavily featured, with the RAF Lancaster, the American B17 Flying Fortress ‘Sally B’ heavy four-engine bombers, Spitfires, Hurricane, Mustang and the mighty Grumman Bearcat fighter flying its big sky display.

Across the three days of the festival, visitors can also see over 200 hot air balloons and airships, both tethered and flying.

Worcester News: Hot air balloons at Midlands Air Festival opening night June 2021.Hot air balloons at Midlands Air Festival opening night June 2021. (Image: Paul Box)

There will be 30 other ‘special shape’ balloons including The Piper, Slick the Dragon, Buster the Dog, Dolly the Sheep, and Busby the Queen’s Guardsman, all making this the largest gathering of hot air balloons in the UK.  

Fitting in with the UFO theme, there will also be an alien standing over 100ft tall overlooking the event.

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The event takes place from Friday, June 2 to Sunday, June 4.

Tickets are available in advance through the website www.midlandsairfestival.com.