A WORCESTER man was serenaded by Coronation campers along The Mall for his birthday.

Ryan Robinson was one of the thousands that visited London this weekend to be among the atmosphere of King Charles III's Coronation.

Mr Robinson and his partner, Becky Lear, arrived on Friday (May 5) and camped along The Mall.

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The day of the Coronation was also Mr Robinson's birthday and he was amazed when the crowds of people around him sang Happy Birthday.

He said: "It made an already incredible day even more special, to be honest. When we arrived on Friday, we started chatting to two ladies who attend all the Royal events.

"We mentioned that it was my birthday on the day of the Coronation, and when the day arrived they got everyone around us to join in and sing.

"They also gave me a cupcake with a flag so I had a birthday cake to enjoy as well."

Mr Robinson saw King Charles on multiple occasions including getting into a spot where he could clearly see the King and Queen greeting the public from the balcony.

He said: "We were camped outside the entrance to St James' Palace where the King was staying the night before the Coronation.

"We were incredibly lucky to be able to see him on a few occasions, but we never imagined we would have got such a great view of the balcony.

"We moved with the crowd and got into a wonderful position with a wonderful view."

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Despite the rain in London, Mr Robinson was able to stay dry thanks to the campers around him.

He said: "We had our tent and we packed our waterproofs in case of any adverse weather.

"The two ladies that we were speaking to a lot near us brought a large sheet that provided shelter for about five tents.

"It was a really good idea and we were certainly grateful for that."

His Majesty was crowned just after midday at Westminster Abbey before the Coronation procession made its way towards Buckingham Palace.

The newly crowned King and Queen received a royal salute in the Palace gardens before appearing on the balcony alongside members of the Royal Family for the flypast.