URGENT calls have gone out for a better pedestrian crossing near a city supermarket - because drivers regularly fail to stop.

The moment Cllr Jill Desayrah stood at the 'terrible' zebra crossing in Windermere Drive near Sainsbury's in Blackpole, the first car did not stop as it headed up towards the supermarket's mini roundabout.

However, other motorists were more considerate and slowed down as soon as they saw the councillor who might be considered conspicuous given she was wearing a bright red top and had dyed her hair bright purple. 

Worcester News: ACTION: Cllr Jill Desayrah says drivers regularly don't stop at the zebra crossing near Sainsbury's on Windermere Drive ACTION: Cllr Jill Desayrah says drivers regularly don't stop at the zebra crossing near Sainsbury's on Windermere Drive (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)

Now the Warndon city councillor says the community should be served by a light-controlled Pelican crossing to better protect the public, including schoolchildren, disabled people and parents with pushchairs. 

She was backed by resident, Stephanie Rawlings, 38, of Cranham Drive- who was approached by the councillor after a car whizzed past her without stopping.

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Ms Rawlings said: "The crossing is terrible. Some cars don't stop. A lot of the children don't even look when they cross. They're on their mobile phones.

"I have one child myself and I do worry about it, the speed they come down. I would back a proper crossing here."

Cllr Desayrah said she requested a pelican crossing be considered by Worcestershire County Council in January.

She has suggested one that beeps and says it would replace the zebra crossing.

However, she said she had been told police had recorded no accidents in the last three years.

She said: “I don’t think waiting for an accident to happen is reason enough not to have the crossing. Drivers regularly don’t stop for pedestrians at the crossing. Cars approach at speed as there is quite a long distance with no calming measures."

She described the crossing as 'frequently used', including by people shopping at the Sainsbury's store.

"I’m concerned somebody is going to get knocked down. Many drivers are considerate but it only takes the odd one to be going too fast and not paying attention who does not notice somebody trying to cross,"

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: “We can confirm we have received a request from Cllr Desayrah to investigate speeding issues in the Windermere Drive area of Worcester. We will liaise with the local county councillor, once our initial investigations are complete, and will discuss with them how best to take this situation forward.”