A BOY who died in a bath at home had no significant predisposition to epilepsy, a court heard.

Alfie Steele's mother, Carla Scott, 35, and partner Dirk Howell, 41, deny the murder of the nine-year-old as their trial continued at Coventry Crown Court today. 

Alfie was found dead on February 18, 2021 at his home in Vashon Drive, Droitwich.

Alfie Steele had no significant risk of epilepsy, a clinical geneticist told a jury today. The court heard how Alfie had a 'genetic deletion' inherited from his father.

Dr Ellis said the number of people with the genetic deletion Alfie had was 'very small' and concluded that he did not have a high risk of epilepsy, caused by his condition.

The doctor accepted that other factors could contribute to a seizure including low blood sugar, tiredness, alcohol, recreational drug exposure and flashing lights.

Alisdair Williamson KC, defending, said: "I suggest Alfie had this deletion and it's possible this genetic deletion gave him a genuine risk of having a seizure."

Dr Ellis said 'we all have risk of epilepsy'. He added. "Alfie had reached the age of nine without a clear reported documented episode of epilepsy in a life that was exposed to some stimuli and trauma."

It was put to Dr Ellis that a perfect storm of factors could have caused a seizure. Dr Ellis said: "Yes, absolutely."

The defence called their own expert, Dr Anand Saggar, who accepted there was no evidence Alfie's father suffered seizures but had not seen his medical records.

He said it could not be excluded Alfie's genetic deletion put him at risk of epilepsy. The doctor was cross-examined by Michelle Heeley KC and accepted there was 'no evidence of spelling mistakes in those genes'.

He was further asked if he had requested Alfie's father's medical records. He said he had not and was then asked: "But that is something you could have done?"

He accepted he could have done. It was also put to him that there was no evidence Alfie's father had suffered an epileptic fit. The doctor also accepted there was no evidence of any problem with Alfie's brain that might have caused a seizure.

The trial continues.