FOLLOWING the jury finding Dirk Howell guilty of murder and Carla Scott guilty manslaughter here is a timeline of events:


November 2018


Carla Scott moves in with Alfie Steele to Vashon Drive in Droitwich.

Worcester News: SCENE: Vashon DriveSCENE: Vashon Drive (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)



July 2019


Carla Scott begins a relationship with Dirk Howell.


August 2019


Neighbour Michaela Hardwick records Alfie outside his home banging on a garden gate as he cried and screamed: “let me in.”


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October 2019


The family had been on a Child in Need plan but that month it is escalated to the more serious non-voluntary Child Protection Plan. 

Howell is not allowed to have unsupervised contact with Alfie or stay overnight at the house. 


November 2019


During a visit from social workers Howell is at the Droitwich home and they want him to take part in the risk assessment. 

A social worker overheads Howell tell Scott: "I don't want to talk to the (expletive) social workers."


March 2, 2020


PC Warren Edmunds, of Droitwich police, is called to a report of shouting and swearing in St Andrew's Square. 

The officer confronts Howell outside Specsavers about suspected public order offences.

Howell gives the false name of Michael Jones before leaving. 

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Worcester News: FALSE NAME: Dirk Howell speaking to police in Droitwich in 2020FALSE NAME: Dirk Howell speaking to police in Droitwich in 2020 (Image: West Mercia Police)


March 2020


Social services hold legal discussions on whether to remove Alfie from Scott's care after concerns. 

Because Scott is seen to be working with social workers, at that stage, it was deemed the situation did not cross the threshold for him to be removed.


March 23, 2020


The first Coronavirus lockdown begins nationally.

Alfie Steele is a child on a safeguarding plan meaning the nine-year-old is allowed to go to school.

But Scott does not send him giving Alfie's bad asthma as the reason to the authorities. 

During lockdown Elena Scott, Carla's stepmother and Alfie's stepnan, makes facetime calls and notices bruising on Alfie's face which concerns her. 

Worcester News: VIRUS: Coronavirus lockdown in March 2020VIRUS: Coronavirus lockdown in March 2020 (Image: PA)



August 3, 2020


Neighbour Gemma Allcott calls 999 raising concerns about the noises from the house. 

"It sounds like my neighbours are doing something bad to their kid in the bath - like they are really hurting them," she says in the call.

The neighbour adds it sounded like a child was being hit and held under the water.

Scott goes round to confront the neighbours.

Ms Allcott doesn't answer, fearing a confrontation.


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October 2020


Alfie Steele's school raises concerns Alfie Steele is "always hungry", sending food home.

Social services raise this with Scott and check cupboards at the family home to ensure food is there, which they find.


February 18, 2021 2.30pm


Carla Scott called 999 and requests an ambulance.

She explains to the operator Alfie had fallen asleep in the bath, gone under the surface and she had taken him out and was trying to resuscitate him. 

Alfie is not breathing, she tells the call operator.

Emergency services arrive and CPR is performed on the body before Alfie is taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

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Worcester News: HOME: Police at the home on February 18, 2021HOME: Police at the home on February 18, 2021 (Image: Newsquest)

Worcester News: OFFICER: Forensic officer going into the home on the night of February 18, 2021OFFICER: Forensic officer going into the home on the night of February 18, 2021 (Image: Newsquest)


February 18, 2021. 3.33pm. 


Howell is arrested at Droitwich Railway Station after running and attempting to board a train. 

Howell is heard saying "You what?" after being informed of the arrest.

Scott lies to police Howell had not been at the house at the time - only changing her accounts in later police interviews.

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Worcester News: ARREST: Dirk Howell arrested at Droitwich Railway StationARREST: Dirk Howell arrested at Droitwich Railway Station (Image: West Mercia Police)


February 18, 2021 3.55pm 


Alfie is pronounced dead. 

He was nine-years-old.


Worcester News: BOY: Alfie SteeleBOY: Alfie Steele


January 19, 2022 


Police confirm they have charged Scott and Howell for murder. 

Floral tributes are left at the home by a shocked community.


Worcester News: TRIBUTES: Floral tributes left outside the homeTRIBUTES: Floral tributes left outside the home (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)


October 2022


On the day the trial is set to get underway it is delayed for further medical evidence. 


May 2, 2023


The six-week trial of Alfie Steele gets underway at Coventry Crown Court.

Shocking evidence of the nine-year-old being beaten is heard for the first time. 

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Worcester News: TRIAL: Coventry Crown CourtTRIAL: Coventry Crown Court (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)



May 24, 2023


Carla Scott gives evidence saying she was "distraught" after her son's death.

Scott firmly replies "no" when asked if she had hit or smothered the nine-year-old. 

Asked if she had participated with Howell in the murder of the boy she replies "no".


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Worcester News: TRIAL: Carla ScottTRIAL: Carla Scott (Image: SWNS/West Mercia Police)


June 6, 2023


In dramatic evidence Howell denies killing Alfie Steele. 

At one point he launches into a rant saying "There is no evidence, you don't even know how he (Alfie) died."

He uses bad language throughout his evidence and is given multiple warnings by the judge. 


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Worcester News: DEFENDANT: Dirk HowellDEFENDANT: Dirk Howell


June 9, 2023


The jury retires to consider the verdict.


June 13, 2023. 


The jury return verdicts - Dirk Howell, 41, of Princip Street, Birmingham, is found guilty of murdering the nine-year-old. 

Alfie's mother, Carla Scott, 35, of Vashon Drive, is found not guilty of that charge but was found guilty of manslaughter. 

Carla Scott was also found guilty of child cruelty offences against Alfie and other children - Howell having admitted those charges before the trial.