URGENT calls for a new pedestrian crossing on a busy road where drivers 'won't stop' have been thrown out as a councillor calls the decision 'disappointing'.

Cllr Jill Desayrah had requested a light-controlled pedestrian crossing on Windermere Drive near Sainsbury's in Blackpole, Worcester - but says she has been told by Worcestershire County Council it is not possible. 

Labour's Warndon councillor - whose views were endorsed by some residents - said drivers regularly failed to stop for pedestrians.

She has argued that a light-operated crossing would better serve the community, calling the existing zebra crossing 'terrible'. 

In May she was backed by resident, Stephanie Rawlings, 38, of Cranham Drive- who was approached by the councillor after a car whizzed past her without stopping.

Reacting to the decision not to introduce a crossing, Cllr Desayrah said: “It is disappointing but not unexpected that the request for a light-controlled crossing on Windermere Drive has been refused by the county council.

"Unfortunately, the year-on-year underfunding of both city and county Councils by central government has meant that tough decisions have to be made all the time - very likely this is just another of them.

"However, I would appreciate it if the county council could look into other options that might be cost-effective.

Data collected on traffic speeds reported an average of 29mph in the vicinity of the crossing.

"This means a significant number of drivers exceed the speed limit there, which would make sudden stopping difficult. I’m wondering if we could have a couple of well placed road signs to encourage drivers to slow down as they approach this crossing and alert them that it is ahead.

"Voluntary speed reduction campaigns tell us “20 is plenty” in built up residential areas like Windermere Drive. It’s a good guide. Maybe this can be pushed. And I hope that the county council will look favorably on this further request.”

We have approached Worcestershire County Council for a comment but they had not provided one by the time we went to press.