Birmingham Airport has set up a marquee to give departing customers extra space as the work continues on its £40 million new security screening area.

Inside the terminal, large areas of walking route space is now off-limits as the project takes over the space.

As the terminal gets busy during the summer months, the overspill marquee allows customers to access a covered walking route.

The project is expected to be completed in June 2024.

Worcester News: A £40 million project is underway at Birmingham AirportA £40 million project is underway at Birmingham Airport (Image: Birmingham Airport)

Birmingham Airport is currently a ‘building site’ as improvements are underway

"We are a building site right now as work continues of our state-of-the-art new pre-flight security screening hall," said Nick Barton, chief executive of Birmingham Airport.

"Customer walking routes have been changing for several months, so by now we hope people are beginning to get used to things being a little different round here. 

“We have put up this marquee for those busy days we expect after schools break up for the summer holidays.” 

Customers can find out how long they have before they clear pre-flight security by visiting the Birmingham Airport website where live predicted wait times are published.

Birmingham Airport shares advice for customers as building work continues

The airport encourages customers to arrive at least two hours before their flights and in line with their airline’s advice.

It says that until the new security facility is operational in June 2024, existing air travel rules still apply. 

These rules include removing large electrical items and liquids from hand luggage before the x-ray scanners.

Nick Barton added: “As a departing customer, if you find yourself being directed via walking routes in unfamiliar areas of the terminal, including downstairs, fear not - that’s just us improving your airport.”